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Megan Eyre Terwilliger

Contact Name: Megan Eyre Terwilliger


4900 Millerwood Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37211
United States

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Phone: (425) 210-2884

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Mezzo-Soprano Megan Eyre Terwilliger has been described as “having a natural talent for the stage.” As a versatile vocalist, Megan recently placed in the Beethoven Club of Memphis Young Artist Competition and has recently sung the role of Marcellina in Le Nozze di Figaro as well as the soprano solo in Handel’s Messiah. Other roles sung include Mother Marie in Dialogues of the Carmelites, Miss Pinkerton in Old Maid and the Thief and Hänsel in scenes from Hansel and Gretel. Megan has also played musical theatre characters, such as The Witch from Into the Woods and Mae Jones from Kurt Weill’s Street Scene. In teaching, Megan aims to create a safe environment in which students can learn, experiment, and thrive using whatever natural gifts he or she has, which at times is yet to be revealed. With a knowledge of current scientific findings, Megan guides each student through an artful study of music, providing encouragement for being the best singer or professional voice-user he or she can be. Through an un-biased and direct approach, Megan hopes to be part of the solution for whatever problem(s) students encounter with the voice, so that her clients can progress to be authentic, confident, and healthy. Megan believes effective teaching takes study, careful listening, expectation, observation, and above all else, patience and laughter.

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Program Title: Nashville Art Song Society

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Through the performance of art song in small settings, audience members experience and learn about art song in the context for which it was written. Concerts consist of 4-5 songs in addition to a 15-20 minute lecture, which offer historical and social context of the songs being performed. This mobile concept can easily travel to any venue and be designed around a particular concept or theme. For example, a concert could be designed around American history and could include art African-American, Antebellum, and protest songs. By attending a concert of art song in this format, audience members can learn about music in a particular time period or culture.

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Program Title: No Hoarsing Around!

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

No Hoarsing Around! is a seminar to motivate, encourage, inspire, and educate teachers regarding Voice Preservation and Conservation. Issues such as vocal stamina, preparing the voice, and maintaining vocal health will be addressed through part lecture and part group activity. Those who work in professions requiring voice use are encouraged to participate in order to develop an awareness of how to improve their overall experience in using their voice. No Hoarsing Around! can be taught as a one-time seminar or as an on-going workshop series.

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Program Title: Vocal Primer

Program Type: Arts Curriculum, Arts Integration

Program Description:

The Vocal Primer is a fun place for students to develop confidence and leadership skills through the study of singing and learning how to sing his or her favorite tunes in a healthful way and welcoming environment. Topics covered include music reading, performance skills, and vocal technique. Upon completion of the primer, each student will be a better singer, musician, and more confident! This program can be designed for short-term and long-term educational settings.

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