Arts Integration

Arts integration supports learning both in and through the arts. Teachers of non-arts subjects work alongside arts specialists and teaching artists to create collaborative lesson plans that infuse creativity into learning. The standards and objectives of arts and non-arts subjects are seamlessly connected to strengthen understanding in multiple content areas.

The Commission received two Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination Grants from the USDOE in 2004 and 2010 to implement the Value Plus Schools and Arts360 initiatives. Following these programs, the Commission expanded arts integration by offering 3-year Arts360 Grants to public schools and districts in Tennessee.

Value Plus Schools Report

Read "Changing Tennessee Schools Through Arts Integration," a report on the Tennessee's Value Plus Schools program.


Learn about the Tennessee Arts Commission's history of work in Arts Integration.

Current Arts360 Schools

Battle Academy, Beaumont Magnet Academy, Norris Elementary, Oak Elementary, Rozelle Elementary

What We've Learned

  • In 2006, the six Value Plus Schools were 79.6% proficient and advanced in all subject areas, while comparison schools were 86.4% proficient and advanced. After four years of arts integration, Value Plus Schools had closed the gap with students testing 88.1% with comparison schools at 87.1%.
  • In 2006, 17% of classroom teachers felt strongly that arts specialists were vital contributors to the school faculty. In 2010, that increased to 93%.
  • In 2006, only 36% of arts specialists felt that classroom teachers valued their contribution to the curriculum. In 2010, that increased to 100%.
  • Value Plus Schools reported a 90% increase in the number of artist residencies they hosted.

Arts360 Grant

The Arts360 grant is open to public schools and districts committed to integrating the arts into curriculum.

Lesson Plan Database

Explore the expanding database of lesson plans created by arts integration teachers.