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The GLOBAL EDUCATION CENTER is a nonprofit multicultural, anti-bias education center that uses the arts of diverse cultures to highlight the commonalities of all people; to promote global awareness and concern; to develop empathy, understanding and respect for the individual and for all of humanity; to support the Center’s belief that fairness and justice are basic human rights for all. Using the arts as a pathway to understanding the various cultural, ethnic and religious groups residing in our community, the Center’s staff and teaching and performing artists present sensitive, dynamic and highly participatory programming that creates experiences in the arts that aid in dispelling myths, dismantling stereotypes, unlearning biases and alleviating fears. All programming is designed to create an environment of inclusion and a climate promoting wellness and emotional well-being. With a roster of over 100 artists representing almost 40 different cultures, the Global Education Center can provide custom designed international programs that relate to various aspects of the curriculum and that are tied to festivities for specially designated months, such as Hispanic Heritage Month, African American History Month, Asian-Pacific Islander Month, Festivals of Light, etc. The Global Education Center’s popular Passport to Understanding School Outreach Program includes interactive cultural museum presentations; artists’ residencies in various forms of world drum and dance as well as literary arts; assembly performances with both resident and visiting guest artists; international festivals and fairs; and professional development for teachers in multicultural arts integration. One of the Center’s unique specialties is bringing the arts of the world to early childhood learning centers. While the Global Education Center is entering its 20th year as a nonprofit organization, its Passport to Understanding Program is celebrating its 35th year in 2016.

Artist Work Samples

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Rhythms of Life

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Rhythms of Life is a 60-minute multicultural assembly performance with artists from a variety of different cultures, typically chosen by the school. A common example would be West African drum and dance, Afro Latin drum and dance, folkloric dance, Capoeira, South Indian classical dance, Chinese traditional dance. Teachers are given materials in advance that describe the various dance and drum styles along with history and cultural significance. All assemblies have interactive components throughout the show.

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Program Title: Karuna Shakti: The Power of Compassion

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Karuna Shakti: The Power of Compassion is an original Indian classical dance-drama production that explores how global issues and universal human problems such as warfare, bullying, discrimination and environmental degradation can be addressed through the power of compassion. As long as human beings live on this earth there will be conflict and suffering. Yet, it is the duty of good people everywhere to shine the light of awareness on our human frailties and work to create harmonious relations. As the Dalai Lama has said, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries; without them, humanity cannot survive.” While this is a 2 hour program, schools can select excerpts from the longer program that showcase specific issue as well as the expressive power and storytelling capacity of South Indian classical dance. A 45-minute school assembly program features its creator Monica Cooley as a solo dancer or as part of a small ensemble.

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Program Title: Appalachia Meets Latin America

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Appalachia Meets Latin America is an exciting project that blends the music traditions of Appalachia with the folkloric traditions of Latin America, showcasing the commonalities of the two art forms as well as driving home the benefits of cross-cultural sharing and respect. Appalatin will share stories, songs and music from their diverse homelands (Nicaragua, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Kentucky), blending instruments largely associated with American bluegrass and folk with traditional instruments from Central and South America. This special assembly program is only available for one week in October but represents an example of guest artist residencies with the Global Education Center from which school groups can benefit. In addition to the many assemblies offered by the Center from its local resident artists, these periodic residencies offer opportunities for students to see performances that are rarely brought to our area.

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