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Orpheum Theatre Group

Contact Name: Jennifer McGrath


225 S. Main Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38103
United States
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Phone: (901) 529-4243

Orpheum Theatre Group https://orpheum-memphis.com/

The Orpheum Theatre Group believes in the power of the arts to transform the world on a local and global level. We strive to provide access to quality arts programming for all people and to educate and build community through collaboration, story-sharing, and creative expression.

We create space for people to share their truths and hear the truths of others. We cultivate future onstage and behind-the-scenes leaders of the arts industry and more empathetic humans who are effective and compassionate communicators. And most importantly, we celebrate our differences while simultaneously discovering our shared humanity and building bridges across communities.

Learn more at https://orpheum-memphis.com/learn-engage/

Contact Jennifer McGrath at mcgrath@orpheum-memphis.com

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Interactive Field Trips

Program Type: Arts Curriculum, Arts Integration, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Interactive Field Trips introduce 3rd-12th grade students to the performing arts and socio-emotional learning by integrating the arts
alongside core academic curriculum; building students’ ability to express and create in a fun and engaging experience for all ability
levels. Interactive Field Trips integrate Tennessee State Standards in Fine Arts while also integrating standards from curricular
areas like English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math (all while guiding students through a creative process that
emphasizes self-discovery and critical thinking).

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Program Title: ACTs of Engagement

Program Type: Arts Curriculum, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Everyone has a story. The Orpheum Theatre Group values all stories and believes in making space for those stories to be shared.
When we share stories and listen deeply to one another, we are able to question, reflect, grow, learn, and lean into the future with
a more shared human understanding. We are able to transform ourselves, our communities, and our world. All of our ACTs of
Engagement Programs are offered completely FREE. These programs include Listen Up! (a storytelling program where youth
create documentary films), From Where I Stand (a theatrical storytelling programming where youth create an original performance
based on their real stories), and HAMSLAM (a poetry slam inspired by the history around Memphis and the Broadway musical

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Program Title: Teaching Artist Training Program

Program Type: Arts Curriculum, Arts Integration, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

The Orpheum Theatre Group Teaching Artist Training Program seeks to train local artists and educators to leverage their artistic
practice in creating high-quality instruction and facilitation for youth and communities throughout the Mid-South. OTG cultivates an annual cohort of trained teaching artists made up of passionate, energized, disciplined, collaborative, and open-minded artists
who represent diverse cultural backgrounds, communities, and artistic disciplines in theatre, music, design, and movement. With
the goal of elevating the standard for teaching artistry in the region, the program aims to equip local, regional, and national artists
with the skills to formulate sustainable careers as teaching artists while continuing to enrich the artistic landscape of the cities they choose to reside in.

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