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Museum of Appalachia

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PO Box 1189
Norris, Tennessee 37828
United States
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The Museum of Appalachia rests on 60 acres of pastoral, rolling fields encircled by hand-split cedar rail fencing. Free range livestock including sheep, chickens, peacocks, ducks and guineas roam the 11 acre village; and goats, mini-donkeys, and mini-horses inhabit neighboring fields. Two unique exhibit buildings house the most all-encompassing collection of Appalachian artifacts on display anywhere. Our mission is to preserve the past for the future, and to provide educational opportunities for people of all ages on the heritage of Southern Appalachia.
The Museum of Appalachia seeks not only to preserve these artifacts of the Southern Appalachian pioneers, but also to educate people of all ages, from the local to the international level, on the culture and heritage of these ingenious people through the preservation of, and introduction to, their stories, traditional music, folk art and crafts.

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Student Heritage Day

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

On November 9, 2018, the Museum will host Student Heritage Day. This event is designed to provide students and adults alike with exposure to traditional Appalachian arts. The festival is a memorable, educational experience that introduces individuals to their regional culture and instills pride in their heritage. On Student Heritage Day students are given plenty of hands on, captivating opportunities to experience traditional music, storytelling, dance, folk art and historical crafts, many of them for the first time. Quality musicians and artists who possess teaching skills are contracted as presenters for this event. Guests of all ages are exposed to these traditional arts, many developing an new appreciation for, and an ongoing interest in, the pursuit of them.

Early registration ends on October 26, 2018.

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Program Title:

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

A visit to the Museum is an outdoor classroom experience and begins with an orientation presented by traditional musicians with an interactive musical program. Students will get to hear traditional songs and have the opportunity to play make-do “instruments” such as spoons, washboards, and more. They will then embark on a tour of the Museum, to view cabins and other structures furnished in period style, along with thousands of authentic artifacts, including displays of make-do instruments, tools and Appalachian folk art, in two large exhibit buildings. The extensive grounds provide opportunities for traditional games or picnics. Teachers may download lesson plans from the Museum’s website, designed according to the state of Tennessee’s curriculum guide and formulated by grade levels to meet curriculum guidelines. History lessons are reinforced; the opportunity to see and experience life in the past makes these lessons more memorable. The old-time music supplements the experience; providing students with exposure to the traditional arts. The outdoor classroom is a valuable exposure to Tennessee history and traditional arts, both of which have suffered cuts from school budgets.

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