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Marcia Donovan

Contact Name: Marcia Donovan

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Phone: (931) 319-3803

Marcia Donovan holds a Tennessee K-3 certification, has a Masters in Early Childhood Education, and has 15 years of pre-school and remedial teaching experience. With voice, guitar, and unique percussion instruments, Marcia blends music and story for a fresh look at the world. Audiences sing and sign, try out words from other languages, play exotic instruments, and help in the telling. Audiences demonstrate developing skills of language arts, social studies, history, and music standards. Workshop participants play theater games and engage in interactive and hands-on activities for mastery of storytelling arts standards and cross-curricular standards through storytelling.

Marcia Donovan is registered at the National Storytelling Network and the Volunteer State Tellers

Contact Marcia Donovan at marciadonovan@frontiernet.net

Feel free to visit my YouTube Channel at:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ6OPM0SE2WgjBzsoKS4eIg/featured  and my themed playlist including over 300 stories and songs at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ6OPM0SE2WgjBzsoKS4eIg/playlists !

  • Reading Day Celebration Moore Elementary Magnet School Clarksville, TN

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Iktomi and the Boulder

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

“Iktomi and the Boulder”:  Story and Geology  Three-Lesson Series to introduce Gr. 1 Geology Unit.

Meets standards in Language Arts and Science.

Lesson includes:

  • story creation
  • writing prompts
  • small group activities

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

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