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Kelle Jolly

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Knoxville, Tennessee
United States

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Phone: (865) 622-7174

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Kelle Joy https://www.kellejolly.com/

Kelle Jolly is the “Tennessee Ukulele Lady”. She is a multifaceted musician, renowned for her exceptional talents as a ukulele player, vocalist, and storyteller. With a Bachelor of Science in Music Education, with a concentration in Voice, from South Carolina State University, and ongoing pursuit of a Master of Art in Communication and Storytelling Studies from East Tennessee State University, Kelle combines her academic background with a wealth of practical experience to captivate audiences worldwide.

As a fixture at the esteemed Dollywood Flower and Food Festival since 2020 and as the host of Jazz Jam with Kelle Jolly on WUOT 91.9FM since 2014, she has solidified her position as a prominent figure in the music scene of Knoxville, Tennessee. She is the founder of the Women in Jazz Jam Festival and Ukesphere of Knoxville Ukulele Club. Her teaching experience includes classroom and teaching artist residencies, which reflects her commitment to nurturing musical talent in others.

Kelle’s touring experience spans international waters, including performances in Japan and on Bahama Paradise Cruises. Notably, she has graced prestigious stages such as TEDx ETSU and the Levitt Amp Series, showcasing her versatility and magnetic stage presence. Her contributions to various soundtracks and appearances in productions like the Mountain Magic Christmas Movie underscore her ability to excel across different mediums. Her ukulele playing is featured on the album, Freedom Soul Jazz, the third album release of her saxophonist husband Will Boyd.

With a rich history of performances at festivals, concerts, and theaters, Kelle has left an indelible mark on the music landscape. From the Gaithersburg Ukulele Festival to the Lincolnville Jazz Series, her dynamic performances have delighted audiences far and wide. Additionally, her involvement in musical theater productions like “Hairspray” and “Dreamgirls” with the Cumberland County Playhouse highlights her versatility as a performer.

Beyond her performances, Kelle is dedicated to sharing her expertise through clinics, workshops, and master classes. Whether leading a ukulele workshop or speaking at events like the Maker City Summit, she continues to inspire and educate aspiring musicians. She was featured in the Spring 2023 edition of Ukulele Magazine.

Kelle Jolly’s journey as a musician and educator is a testament to her unwavering passion for music and storytelling. With her exceptional skills and boundless creativity, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of music, enriching communities and inspiring generations to come.

Contact Kelle Joy at myjollyboy@gmail.com

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Introduction to Ukulele

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

After a short performance, students will be introduced to the ukulele. Kelle will share the history of the ukulele, identify the parts and explain how sound is created on the ukulele. If the students have access to ukuleles, they will learn to play a song.

Students will be able to identify the blues music style. They will play alone and with others.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

Program Title: Life Gives Me the Blues

Program Type: Arts Curriculum, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

The 12-bar blues is a traditional American song form. This program will teach learners about the history of the blues and the characteristics of the blues. After analyzing examples of 12-bar blues music written by women in Tennessee, learners will compose and perform original blues lyrics while being accompanied by Kelle Jolly on ukulele.

The songs created during this program can be used to create school songs or organization songs. The learners can be directed to focus their songwriting on a theme or special occasion.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

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