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Jen-Jen Lin

Contact Name: Jen-Jen Lin


PO BOX 121841
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
United States

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Phone: (615) 385-9341

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Jen-Jen Lin https://www.chineseartsalliance.org/

Jen-Jen Lin holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. As a young adult, Lin served as artistic director for the Lan-Yang Chinese Folklore Performing Dance Company, the company toured internationally. In the U.S., she danced with the Chicago-based modern dance company, Jan Erkert & Dancers, taught dance at the University of Chicago, IL, College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, Trinity College in Hartford, CT, and Vanderbilt University Dance Program, Nashville, TN.

Lin is the founder and director of Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville. She is a dancer, choreographer, dance educator, drummer, producer. She teaches creative dance, Chinese dance, Chinese Drumming and other arts projects.

Contact Jen-Jen Lin at ChineseArtsAlliance@gmail.com

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Dance – Explore Space, Energy, Connections, and Creativity

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Teaching Artist will use body movements as our major communication form to replace words. The body movements will be from concrete meanings to abstract imaginations. Students will be guided step by step to release their inner emotions and expressions through dancing. The goal is to enhance students’ confidence and strength of moving bodies and explore space, rhythm, energy and connection with oneself and one another.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

Program Title: Let's drum out the Chinese beats!

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Teaching Artist will utilize Chinese lion dance drumming to expand students’ imagination and teach Chinese music, as well as how we contribute to our immediate community—class, school, and family. Together we will make an exciting drumming ensemble and drum out he Chinese big drum beats and rhythm at the final result.

The Chinese lion dance drumming has a specific set of rhythms and patterns. The principal is the same as western percussive beats. The flavor of the rhythm made is significantly different.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

Program Title: Chinese Dance

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Teaching Artist will introduce Chinese opera, Chinese dance to students. Most of students in Tennessee seldom have the opportunity exposed to these intricate Chinese performing arts. This program will serve as an eye opener for all students and further understand Chinese arts and culture.

Chinese opera, dance and music are distinctly different than the Western’s. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Things are beautiful for Chinese taste may not the music for the Americans’ ears, and vice versa. The TA will introduce Chinese opera, and Chinese dance to attendees using videos, live demos, and hand-on workshop to experience Chinese dancing.

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