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Cherri Coleman

Contact Name: Cherri Coleman

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Phone: (615) 290-6219

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Cherri Coleman is a curriculum designer and teacher of dance, theatre, storytelling and heritage arts. Graduates of her student-led performing arts programs have gone on to Broadway, international tours, careers in stagecraft and graphic arts, video, music and film. A native Tennessean, Cherri also keeps alive local traditions of storytelling, white oak and cane basketry, training the next generation of heritage art enthusiasts. Her current endeavors include “Celebrating Our Roots©” which partners with the National Storytelling Network and local historic sites to train high school and middle school students in leadership, community building and historic preservation and “Math and the Art of Basketry,” a hands-on exploration of geometry through visual art. Cherri has served on the Board of Directors of the National Storytelling Network and is a member of Artist Corps Tennessee.

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Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Math and the Art of Basketry

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

Explore form, function, design and geometry with the hands-on experience of weaving a folk art creation. When combined with solid textbook instruction, basketry gives students the opportunity to apply mathematical theory and solve hands-on problems while at the same time exploring history, science and socio-cultural roots. Students will model the mathematical vocabulary, apply geometric and algebraic principles and create a basket of their own design which solves problems of form, function and volume.

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Program Title: The National G.H.O.S.T. Project

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

The National Ghost, Horror Or Scary Tales Project develops communication, critical thinking and creativity while exploring the art of the thriller. Students will hear a professional performance, engage in plot exploration and conduct investigative research while producing and performing their own gothic tale. A wonderful addition to studies of Poe and the Bronte sisters.

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Program Title: A Story in a Magazine

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

Inspired by magazine covers illustrated by Norman Rockwell, students will explore the technique of interactive story theater. They will learn ways to bring adjectives, verbs and adverbs to life with pantomime, interpret the Rockwell’s work while using plot structure, connect the artwork to non-arts subjects such as social studies and produce a three-dimensional, improvisational story theater performance based on the artwork. Expansion activities include the opportunity to present the performances at local libraries, children’s hospitals and museums as a service learning project.

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