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Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377
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Art 120 https://www.art120.org/

Art 120 was founded in 2010 to provide schools and communities access to art within a 120-mile radius of Chattanooga. Their interactive programs encourage a culture of accomplishment through hands-on learning and self-discovery. Their mobile programs bring art to the classroom and are tailored to accommodate online, in-person or hybrid learning.

Our secondary learning programs encourage teamwork and interdisciplinary learning. Through mobile contraption building, art teachers explore a variety of fabrication techniques with their students.

“The Jingle Truck exhibit was very beneficial to our students and the overall culture of our school.” –
Kendall Thornton, Dupont Elementary

Contact Kathryn Warren at katewarren@art120.org

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: 2021-2022 Jingle Truck Program

Program Type:

Program Description:

Jingle Truck brings an international artist into your classroom for a fun, interactive, cultural immersion. Students meet an artist from Pakistan, learn about her country, and see how their artists create Jingle Trucks using paint, mirrors, lights, and poetry as a form of creative expression. Students then become drivers of their own creativity by making a Jingle Truck of their own.

Contact Kathryn Warren at katewarren@art120.org for more information!

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Program Title: Urban Art Bike

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

Create and build fully functional kinetic sculptures, termed “Art Cars.” Students will broaden their artistic access, deepen learning as they integrate other educational disciplines into their art including; science, math, physics, and engineering. Art cars allow artists and students to transform an ordinary object into an artistically expressive piece yielding, an avant-garde style artwork attached to a commercial item, like a bicycle, encouraging the students to re-evaluate how they interpret and analyze ideas, objects, experiences, and people. Our mobile welding class will come to your school or organization. Students need forty hours to complete the class. All materials, tools, and supplies are included.

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Program Title: Digital Literacy

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

Youth create original works of art and produce a photo exhibition of their work utilizing our Digital Literacy program. Each student will learn about photo history, fine art photographers, and creative techniques while exploring a variety of photographic themes. Students will also learn how to edit their images and incorporate their own vector-based artwork using professional software. This project will end with an opening reception and exhibit for the public to attend. This program involves 16 hours of instruction time with about twenty students to one teaching artist.

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Program Title: ArtCarAVan

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

The Art Caravan program is an annual event that connects students to artists from a variety of cultures and mediums. By extending art to Primary grade learners (especially Title 1 elementary schools that do not have an art program), it acts as a catalyst to transformation and inspire creativity. Art 120 mobilizes two artists to work in each elementary school for the day. Students get to meet the artists and see their work art up close. With works of art displayed in the school environment, curious students are encouraged to open up, touch the art (when possible), and ask questions. Artists talk about the mediums used, and share what motivated them create their artwork. Artists encourage students to value their own creativity. Teachers at these schools have the opportunity to integrate the activity in with their own curriculum through creative writing, drawing, poster making, and math. This event occurs annually on the last Friday in April of every year. Schools with art programs and ability are encouraged to sponsor a school without art by purchasing an extra ticket per student.

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