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Art 120

Contact Name: Kathryn Warren


1204 Sunset Drive
Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377
United States

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Phone: (423) 314-6659

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Art 120 https://www.art120.org/

Art 120 is a group of art educators that provide a variety of mobile arts programs for schools. Since 2010, they have provided exciting and immersive arts programs for over 36,000 children in Tennessee, and over 12,000 children across the country, visiting schools from Houston, Texas to St. Louis Missouri. STEAM, nature, and art car building workshops are available too. Details online at www.art120.org

Contact Kathryn Warren at katewarren@art120.org

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Jingle Truck Program

Program Type: Arts Curriculum, Arts Integration

Program Description:

Jingle Truck brings an international artist into your classroom for a fun, interactive, cultural immersion. Students meet an artist from Pakistan, learn about her country, and see how their artists create Jingle Trucks using paint, mirrors, lights, and poetry as a form of creative expression. Students then become drivers of their own creativity by making a Jingle Truck of their own.

Contact Kathryn Warren at katewarren@art120.org for more information!Our Jingle Truck brings Pakistani artist, Sadaf Khan, and her indigenous form of art into your school. Students tour the truck’s beautifully intricate artwork, learning about animals and landmarks in Pakistan and Tennessee along with whimsical phrases in Urdu. Students can ask Sadaf about her culture before becoming drivers of their own imagination and create Jingle Trucks of their own. This program can also be interdisciplinary.

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Program Title: Urban Art Bike

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

Artist and educator, Kate Warren, leads a program with your class, allowing students to work in teams to transform a wheel-based item (car, scooter, wagon, bicycle, etc.) into a collaborative piece of functional sculpture. The work incorporates a lot of the different mediums of the students’ choice to complete their work. At the end of the school year, students have an opportunity to exhibit their work alongside professional artists during our We Make event in May and are eligible to receive cash prizes and trophies for their work. This is a great interdisciplinary project that can include welding, communications, STEM, and/or design. This is also available as a PD for teachers.

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Program Title: The Art Caravan

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

The Art Caravan program connects students to artists from a variety of cultures and mediums, serving as a catalyst that transforms and inspires creativity. Art 120 mobilizes two artists to work in each elementary school for the day. Students meet the artists and see their work art up close. With works of art displayed in the school environment, curious students are encouraged to open up, touch the art (when possible), and ask questions. Artists talk about the mediums used, and share what motivated them create their artwork. Artists encourage students to value their own creativity. Teachers at these schools have the opportunity to integrate the activity in with their own curriculum through creative writing, drawing, poster making, and math.

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