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Zig Wajler

Contact Name: Zig Wajler

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Phone: (615) 260-6171

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Zig Wajler http://www.handsonwithzig.com

Zig Wajler is an author/musician who offers Hands On with Zig interactive cross-curricular music performances and workshops. For twenty-six years the trusted and proven programs have been presented to schools and organizations throughout America. Zig’s multicultural and contemporary events are designed to educate and inspire lives by enhancing student achievement and encouraging critical thinking by integrating strategies related to real-world applications. Zig addresses the diversity of student learning styles for an engaged, meaningful, positive experience through the Arts by reinforcing State and National Standards for Music, while interconnecting Math, English, Science, History and Social Studies.

Contact Zig Wajler at handsonwithzig@aol.com

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Diversity through Music with Multicultural & Contemporary Themes

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Zig Wajler, a first generation American (European roots) celebrates the societal diversity of music that brings us all together. Multicultural themes are blended alongside traditional Classical melodies (Mozart, Rossini, Beethoven) through rhythmical Contemporary world-beat themes. Audiences will enjoy an unplugged/acoustic performance as Zig accompanies himself on vocals (singing in Polish, Spanish, Yoruba, and English) interconnecting various musical styles and cultures on drumset, hand percussion, and original compositions on the Hand Pan. All audience members are engaged with opportunities to participate; learning to count and read music notation, clap rhythms, play hand percussion, and sing, culminating in a large ensemble.

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Program Title: Connecting Music + Math for a Side-by-Side Cultural Arts Approach

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Zig connects music with basic classroom math skills to equip students to explore, apply, resolve, and participate in fun, productive activities built around listening, dialogue, and student interaction. He explains the ‘how’, then performs on his world/contemporary percussion setup as an example of using math and music. The emphasis is on active participation/dialogue in which students use math language and concepts to play percussion instruments and voices by applying their learned math skills to a cultural arts context. Reinforced math skills (based on grade level) include; numbers, counting, math operations, shapes, odds vs. evens, time, patterns, estimating, reasoning, fractions, measurements, analyzing, angles, graph points, symmetry, measurements, and more. As an extension of the classroom, students will make a connection between textbook math and everyday real-world situations. Content based on grade appropriate math skills (recommended for grades K-2, and 3-5)

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Program Title: Zig's Musical Journey – Cross Curricular and Multicultural

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Available Virtually. A highly interactive cross-curricular and multicultural music experience featuring a battery of world percussion introducing rhythms, sounds, and song-styles from around the world with traditional and contemporary instruments, folk songs, and original compositions. Audience members participate through active dialogue and hands-on interaction including basic rhythm patterns, instruments names, chants, and form a world music ensemble. Cross-curricular connections include social studies, math, language arts, and science with historical and cultural content. The program features world musical styles including; African, Native American, Latin, Hip-Hop, Jazz, US & World Folk, and Caribbean among others. As an extension of the classroom, students will make a connection how textbook learning relates to music and their daily lives. Grade appropriate content. (recommended for grades K-12). Assembly program and/or Artist residency available. Zig’s other multicultural themed programs include: West Africa meets HipHop and Hand On Latin Style.

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Program Title: Gaming School Style–Connecting Music, Movement, Math and Literacy

Program Type: Arts Curriculum, Arts Integration

Program Description:

A contemporary interactive program connecting video game themes with cross-curricular connections. Zig introduces the music of appropriately selected Video Games on Drums, Percussion, Voice, and Melodic instruments. Then explains what students know and hear and how it relates to Math in terms of Numbers, Language Arts through effective communication, Listening by applying directions, and Reading printed signs. Students interact by creating a learning ensemble playing percussion instruments, dancing, and singing/reading along with using math to determine the speed/tempo, duration, patterns.  And ‘how/why’ phrases of movement partner with music. Learning modalities (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) are reinforced through dance movements, musical themes, math skills, and reading. Grade appropriate content.

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