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Zig Wajler is an educator, author, composer, and professional musician who plays percussion, drumset, and piano, and offers contemporary cross-curricular learning strategies and instruction for youth. His educational and interactive ‘Hands On with Zig’ music-based performances and workshops include cross-curricular connections that enhance youth achievement of how textbook learning can be applied to activities outside the classroom. His offerings are designed to meet the diversity of student learning styles for an engaged, meaningful, positive, and fun learning experience. Zig’s programs reinforce The National Standards for Music, State Music Standards and reference/connect Standards for Math, English, Science, and Social Studies through the Arts.

He is an award-winning instructor whose private students received The PAS/Sabian Larrie Londin Scholarship, national honors in the National Multi-Media Youth Arts Contest (writing) of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), and selected for District Honors Band. His students have been featured in national magazines, earned scholarships, and tour with major recording artists. Zig holds degrees from Tennessee State University and Musicians Institute. Since 1995 Zig has been contracted by school systems and educational organizations as an independent professional development instructor, trainer, and/or classroom workshop leader, curriculum designer, and presenter of new and adaptive learning principles. In 2012 Zig was the keynote speaker at the 21st Century Multi-State Conference.

In 1997 Zig created his Hands-On with Zig educational and interactive music-based cross-curricular performances and workshops that integrate contemporary teaching and learning strategies that enhance youth achievement of how textbook learning can be applied to activities outside the classroom. The trusted and proven programs have been presented throughout North America and are designed to educate and inspire lives by enhancing student achievement and encouraging critical thinking by integrating educational strategies and cross-curricular connections as related to real-world applications. Zig’s cross-curricular programs are an extension of the classroom for 21st Century Learning, which also tie-in the subjects of math, social studies, science, history, language arts, physical education, and social skills by enhancing existing curriculum with ‘do-able’ easy-to-replicate lessons. The innovative and engaging programs are appropriate for all audiences based on grade/age level content and vocabulary and are designed to provide an engaged, meaningful, positive and fun learning experience.

As an author Zig has created, developed, and designed cross-curricular lesson plans, tutorials, visuals, and contemporary projects for integration in the academic and educational arenas for end users. He is the author of Mr. Zig’s Literacy, Music and Technology Connection (Alfred Publishing), World Beat Fun (Alfred Publishing), and Technology Projects for Creative Students, Powered by SONY ACID Music Studio.
He is also a contributing writer for Alfred Music Blog, Sabian Education Network, The Tennessee Register, and Servicette.

Zig’s educational partners have included but are not limited to the following; Sabian Education Network Advisory Member, Musical Ambassador for Keep Music Alive, DRUM! International Hit Like a Girl Drumming Contest (judge), Music Makes Us, Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation, Nashville Entertainment Weekly, Culture Fest LA, Eastern Kentucky University Arts Collaborative, McNeese University Cultural Series, Sweetwater Valley Citizens for the Arts, Louisiana Correctional Centers, Allen Parish Alternative Program, Gear-Up, Upward Bound, Arts for All, KYC-SCAA, 21st Century Multi-State Conference, ArtSmart/ArtBreak, Odyssey of the Mind, The First Lady’s Children’s Art Festival, The Helen Keller School, The Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, ARC, Empower Me Day Camp, Nathaniel’s Hope Buddy Break, Educational Talent Search, Creative Communities, Kiwanis, 21st Century Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Tennessee Arts Commission Student Ticket Subsidy program, Meet the Composer, Arts Builds Communities, and VH-1 Save the Music among others.

With a dual career as an educator and musician, Zig has been featured in Modern Drummer, DRUM!, Drum Business, Leader in Christian Education, Music Trades, Music Inc., Music Teachers National Association, The Instrumentalist, The Slingerland Book, School, Band and Orchestra, Who’s Who in American Business, Nashville Parent, Tennessee Register, Servicette (Ladies of Charity USA), The Tennessean, and Music Trades magazines. In addition to newspaper features and online articles.

As a professional musician Zig has performed and/or recorded with James Payne (#1 Gospel Single), Grammy winner Shawn Camp, Grammy winner David Payne, Nashville Nammy winner The Animal Band, Warner Bros./Warner Chappell Music, SONY, Chad Smith/Chili Peppers, Shelia E (Mars Music Contest), Shari Lewis and Lambchop, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob McGrath/Sesame Street, The Moffatts, Jeffery Steele, Johnny Russell, MaryAnn Kennedy, Dawn Thomas, Chonda Pierce, Terry McMillan, and The Torrance Symphony among others. He has earned endorsements and is a clinician for Pearl Drums and Pearl Percussion, Sabian Cymbals, and Zendrum controllers.

Benefits and outcomes of Hands-On with Zig programs:
• Engaged Listening, the key to meaningful and productive interaction
• Present new concepts to assist with the development of engaging quality lessons for youth/adults which they can successfully accomplish with a clear goal in mind.
• Present innovative approaches to help school-aged youth/adults better develop social behavior and academic performance.
• Provide lessons that promote self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall positive outlook towards school and life.
• Present interactive and engaging activities that prevent youth/adults from becoming bored.
• Promote critical thinking, communication, collaboration, productivity, and cooperative learning.
• Provide a new venue to share ideas, learned information, and finished projects.
• Provide new resources to adapt unique and engaging strategies to meet the needs of individual differences.
• Provide a connection of how textbook learning (what youth learn in the classroom) can be applied to their daily lives (after school – outside the classroom).
• Enhance youth achievement by interconnecting school subjects of Math, Reading, Science, and Language Arts with activities centered around ‘do-able’ projects.

Artist Work Samples

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Fortnite School Style – Music, Movement, Math and Literacy

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Available Virtually. A contemporary interactive program connecting Dance Emos (Movement), Music with Math and Literacy by combining learning modalities (auditory, visual, kinesthetic). Zig introduces the music of appropriately selected Dance Emos on Drums, Percussion and Melodic instruments and explains what students know and hear and how it relates to Math in terms of Numbers, Operations, Measurements/Data and Geometry. Language Arts is reinforced through Speaking (effective communication), Listening (directions), and Reading (signs). Movement (Dance) with Music is center stage with selected students create a learning ensemble playing various percussion instruments, and color tubes (various pitches) of predetermined lengths, and tongue drums, along with using math to determine the speed, tempo, duration, patterns, phrases of ‘how/why’ the dance movement and patterns partner with the music. Reinforcing TN State Standards for Music (Domains for Artistic Processes) with focus on Movement as related to music. Referencing TN State Standards for Language Arts (Speaking, Listening, Reading) and Math (Numbers, Operations, Measurements/Data, Geometry and Fractions). Grade appropriate content. (recommended for grades K-12). Assembly program and/or Artist residency available. www.facebook.com/handsonwithzig for further information.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

Program Title: Interactive Math by the Numbers -A Cultural Arts Approach of Math with Music.

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Available Virtually. Hands-on learning, utilizing basic classroom math skills and creative reasoning, to equip students to explore, apply, resolve, and participate in fun, productive activities built around listening, dialogue, and student interaction. Zig explains the ‘how’, references the 8 State Standards for Mathematical Practice and TN State Standards for Music (Domains for Artistic Processes. A performance on his large world/contemporary percussion and mallet setup provides a listening example of using math and music. The emphasis is on active participation, in which students use math language and concepts to play a battery of percussion instruments in small and large groups, synthesizing their learned math skills to a cultural arts context. Reinforced math skills (based on grade level) include, but are not limited to numbers, counting, math operations, shapes, odds vs. evens, time, patterns, estimating, reasoning, fractions, measurements, analyzing, angles, graph points, symmetry, measurements, and more. As an extension of the classroom, students will make a connection between textbook math and everyday real-world situations. Content based on grade appropriate math skills (recommended for grades K-2, and 3-5). Zig’s other Math reinforced programs; Fornite School Style. Visit www.facebook.com/handsonwithzig for further information.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

Program Title: Zig's Musical Journey – Cross Curricular and Multicultural

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Available Virtually. A highly interactive cross-curricular and multicultural music experience featuring a battery of world percussion introducing rhythms, sounds, and song-styles from around the world with traditional and contemporary instruments, folk songs, and original compositions. Audience members participate through active dialogue and hands-on interaction including basic rhythm patterns, instruments names, chants, and form a world music ensemble. Cross-curricular connections include social studies, math, language arts, and science with historical and cultural content. The program features world musical styles including; African, Native American, Latin, Hip-Hop, Jazz, US & World Folk, and Caribbean among others. As an extension of the classroom, students will make a connection how textbook learning relates to music and their daily lives. Grade appropriate content. (recommended for grades K-12). Assembly program and/or Artist residency available. Zig’s other multicultural themed programs include: West Africa meets HipHop and Hand On Latin Style.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

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