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Tim Oliphant (Mr.Ollie)

Contact Name: Tim Oliphant

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Phone: (931) 359-5956

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Tim Oliphant https://mrolliefeatures.weebly.com/

Tim Oliphant, aka Mr. Ollie, began his arts education experiences in 1987. Since then he has taught art and cartooning to children of every grade and of every socio-economic demographic. His curriculum and
integration-based art experiences have taken Mr. Ollie to nine states in and around Tennessee. He continues to visit schools as he works as a nationally and internationally published freelance cartoonist. More about Mr. Ollie can be found at www.mrolliefeatures.weebly.com

Contact Tim Oliphant at mrollie1@spectrum.net

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Story Illustration with Mr. Ollie

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

This program combines the words with the illustrations. Mr. Ollie will demonstrate, and have the students participate, with real world techniques and applications of how illustrators create their drawings to marry them with the text. Students will learn that the writing process is just like the drawing: brainstorming, rough drafts, revising, publishing draft, etc. These steps will show the students how to construct the drawings, but also how to arrange an illustration, much how story books and magazine illustrations are done.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

Program Title: Cartooning With Mr. Ollie

Program Type: Arts Integration, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

First of all, this is NOT a class on drawing famous cartoon characters. Basically, this is a drawing class with art and drawing fundamentals. The word “cartooning” just makes this program more understandable for students and teachers. For instance, instead of drawing a REAL duck, we will draw it as a cartoon. This program will stress how art of all kinds ties in to the school lessons. From math, geometry, literary, language arts, art, history and we’ll draw our subjects based on the basic shapes. This program stresses creativity and imagination. See program guide for more details.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

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