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Runaway Puppet Theater

Contact Name: Ed May


7094 Highway 13 South
Waverly, Tennessee 37185
United States

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Phone: (931) 622-9229

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Runaway Puppet Theater http://www.runawaytheater.com/

Runaway Puppet Theater’s philosophy is, “If you can read, you can do anything!” We present timeless tales with a twist, not only to entertain but to get students excited and interested in reading. Few mediums can capture the attention of old and young like puppetry. With shows based on classic tales, folklore, and mythology, Runaway Puppet Theater introduces a new generation of children to lasting themes and ideas in an original, captivating, and engaging presentation.

Check out their list of productions here: http://www.runawaytheater.com/productions.html

Contact Ed May at ed@runawaytheater.com

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: The Myth-Adventures of Theseus

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Ancient Greek culture has shaped and influenced the Western world’s ideas about government, literature, and art. Even our notion of how stories are told and the prototype of the “heroic journey” come from Greek mythology. One of the most iconic of all the Greek heroic myths is the story of Theseus, defeater of the Minotaur and champion of Athens. Runaway Puppet Theater retells this classic tale in their production “The Myth-Adventures of Theseus.” This isn’t exactly the story as told by Homer or the way you would read it from Ovid. Runaway Puppet Theater draws upon the classic myth with the fantastic characters and surprising situations, but with the Runaway Puppet Theater twist to make the myth more accessible to modern audiences. Theseus undertakes his heroic quest to defeat miscreants and monsters on his way to becoming King of Athens! Presented in the centuries old art of shadow puppetry, The Myth-Adventures of Theseus will engage, enthrall and entertain audiences young and old alike!

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Program Title: Quincy's Quizzical Quandary

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Quincy is a kid that has questions. Lots and lots of questions. He wants to know how people found out lightning is electricity, how fire was discovered, and who invented flying machines. But, he has very few answers. Quincy is in a quandary until his mom takes him to the library where he finds all kinds of books that answer his questions!

Using a combination of TV style hand puppetry and shadow puppetry, Runaway Puppet Theater tries to help Quincy answer his questions, and introduces him to some famous “questioners” from history.

Quincy’s Quizzical Quandary is a 45 minute production that  features stories of famous inventors and scientists from around the world and throughout time, as well as mythological tales that show how people have explained the world around them.

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Program Title: A Primer of Preeminent Paragons

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Manfred loves reading about heroes! He’s read all of his comics, so he heads to the library to find more stories about heroes. His librarian shows him a dusty tome titled “A Primer of Preeminent Paragons.” But instead of just reading about heroes, Manfred finds himself in the stories as the hero!

In this 50 minute production, Runaway Puppet Theater uses hand puppets and shadow puppets to retell the classic stories of Hercules, Robin Hood, and Pecos Bill, as well as other heroes from around the world.

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