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Roger Day

Contact Name: Susan Lounsbury

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Phone: (518) 647-5916

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Roger Day https://www.rogerday.com/

Roger Day’s music tickles students’ imaginations with infectious tunes, rhythms and inspiring characters. Roger has been writing and performing smart, interactive childrens’ music for over 20 years. He is an approved Dove Family Foundation artist and multiple Parents’ Choice Gold winner. Concerts are action-filled adventures exercising both mind AND muscle; body AND brain. Roger keeps young audiences involved, captivated, and inspired; ready to give flight to their imaginations: to DREAM BIG!, GET YOUR BRAIN IN GEAR! and to be INVINCIBLE! Roger takes complex subjects as varied as the brain or an ecosystem and makes them simple and understandable — not to mention really, really fun!

Contact Susan Lounsbury at susan@loydartists.com to book Roger Day!

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Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Get Your Brain in Gear!

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Shake Up Your Brain teaches modern brain science and learning theory through songs included on Roger Day’s CD, Why Does Gray Matter? The CD makes innovative use of “the brain” as a theme for every song. The Schoolhouse Rock quality of this project is impossible to ignore and one of its best features. Through high energy music with a rock feel for 3rd – 5th graders, Day teaches a wide range of facts about the brain and how we learn. The study guide reinforces this work with vocabulary, resources, learning activities, and games.

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Program Title: Marsh Mud Madness

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Roger worked with the Georgia Sea Grant Foundation and the Savannah Music Festival to bring this upbeat new educational concert to K-5 schools & public audiences all around the country, complete with very exciting study guides for each grade level! Join Roger on his all original, highly-interactive musical journey up & down the amazing Atlantic seacoast, knee deep in squishy, oozy marsh mud and marveling at loggerhead turtles, ghost crabs & other cool coastal residents. The Savannah Morning News reported teachers were saying, “This is exceptional! Every child is engaged…even the ones who are normally reluctant to participate”…and why? Because it’s a Roger Day concert and you can’t help dancing in your seat and singing along!


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Program Title: Invincible!

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

“Invincible” encourages and empowers young super heroes everywhere to solve the problem and save the day by using the greatest super power of all: imagination! “Invincible” is a collection of new songs about young characters using their brain power, courageous spirit, reading and imagination to solve problems and make a difference in the world. Check out a few of the new songs in this concert:

“Invincible” is the theme song of the show. Kapow! Kaboom! Zap!! All those super hero super powers are great, but the real super hero power is using your imagination and saving the day “through the pages of the book”.

“Turn the Page” encourages young readers to discover what really happens, and how to solve the problem.”

“Everyday Heroes” celebrates the everyday heroes who make the biggest difference of all: teachers, librarians, police officers and parents.”

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