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Priscilla Sanders is a singer/songwriter/musician whose rule-bending music and lyrics range from deeply personal to absurdly funny. With keen and empathetic observations, Priscilla wades into the waters of social issues. Her songs run the gamut from biting satire to confessional ballads to just plain fun. She released an indie pop CD, Ride a Wave with Me, in 2004. Her upcoming Folk CD, “Heed the Red Flags,” is projected for a 2017 release. Her eclectic music is reflected in her diverse approaches as a Teaching Artist.

Priscilla moved back to Nashville in the summer of 2015 after living in Maui, Hawaii for several years. In Maui, she was half of the Pop & Country cover duo, Sanders & Kalaway and also sang and wrote with Meaghan Owens as the Coconut Cowgirls.

In 2009, Priscilla received a Masters in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt University. While in Maui, Priscilla worked as a teacher, private tutor, and Teaching Artist in the Maui schools. She developed a curriculum for writing songs about the books students read as part of their standard curriculum. Highlights include rap songs written by high school students about Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Taming of the Shrew and pop songs written by elementary students about the classic books Johnny Tremain and The Giver.

Priscilla has an extensive background in stand-up comedy, improv, and acting. She has written three one-woman shows that she performed in New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles. You can hear these influences in her songs such as “She’s a Walking Run-on Sentence” and “Dear Glass Ceiling.” Through the years, Priscilla also sang lead and backup vocals, and played keyboards with classic rock cover bands. She uses her performance skills and experience to add a sense of play to her Teaching Artist work, consistently engaging and connecting with classroom students.

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Program Title: LYRICS & LITERATURE: Making the Text Come Alive through Songwriting

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

LYRICS & LITERATURE turns the students’ shared text into a song, integrating ELA with music. After learning the basics of song structure and having a review of figurative language, students adapt the text to create lyrics and music in small groups and perform it. Students learn to use rhyming structure and vivid images in their writing, as well as determine the important details and content in the text to pull the big ideas of the passages. They will develop an appreciation for writing, for literature, and an interest in music composition and performance.

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