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NPAC provides a variety of educational programming throughout the year to expose students to the performing arts. NPAC’s mission is to perpetuate a commitment to the performing arts for Greene County and our neighboring communities. A flourishing arts and cultural community enhances our quality of life, produces community pride, encourages cultural development and understanding and broadens the education of children.

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Program Title: Jack & the Beanstalk

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Jack is different from the other kids–every time it rains, he hears beautiful music falling from the sky. Then one day the rain stops and the ensuing drought forces Jack into town to sell his beloved cow Bessy. Before he can get there, he meets two swindlers who send him instead on a madcap adventure up a magical beanstalk–an adventure that includes a desperate Goose, a Golden Harp and one angry, tone-deaf Giant! A fresh new look at the most fun Jack-tale ever!

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Program Title: Harriet Tubman & the Underground Railroad

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

This stirring drama with music is a classic tribute to the great American who freed herself and hundreds of her people from the bonds of slavery. Her courage helped to change the world. Share with your students her adventurous life, the joys, sorrows, and challenges faced by this brave woman in this accurate and deeply moving musical history lesson.

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Program Title: Toying with Science

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Toying with Science is a fast-paced, varied and dynamic program. It combines circus skills, mime, original music, and audience involvement in the exploration of the scientific principles of gravity, leverage, fulcrums, and simple machines. Garry and his audience investigate basic scientific information and delve into the imaginations of scientists who have played important roles in the exploration and discovery of concepts that define our world. Garry brings a number of science-based toys to life with motion, music, humor and insight. He grants audience members a chance at stardom by inviting a few to join him on stage and participate in juggling or balancing activities with his playful guidance. His original, up-beat songs offer additional information on fulcrums, levers and basic mechanics. He impresses upon his audience the idea that by mastering simple scientific concepts, one can produce terrific results. For example, the ability to find the center of gravity is demonstrated when he balances multiple ladders, topped with a giant beach umbrella on his chin at the same time! As personable as he is professional, Garry consistently dissolves the boundary between himself and the audience, making for a truly unique experience.

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