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25 Middleton Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37210
United States
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Phone: (615) 254-9103

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Nashville Children’s Theatre www.nashvillechildrenstheatre.org

Believing the culturally curious child is the future, Nashville Children’s Theatre nurtures the next generation of global citizens by providing transformational theatrical experiences which reflect our evolving community, instill profound empathy, and foster personal discovery.

Through the use of the curriculum guides in the classroom followed by a field trip to Nashville Children’s Theatre, these children will come together for a meaningful and entertaining shared theatrical experience with a diverse group of their peers, while also ultimately increasing skills in language arts. Additionally, educators are invited to attend a special preview performance and professional development workshop for each production and schools may also request an in-class workshop following their field trip to NCT.

Contact Abby Baker at abbybaker@nashvillect.org

Enjoy a sample theatre lesson here: https://youtu.be/qg3WzVGt_Ys

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Professional Productions/Student Ticket Subsidy

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Nashville Children’s Theatre (NCT) values both the artistic integrity and educational merits of theatre as an art form. Seeing a play at NCT gives students the opportunity to see the best professional, high quality, theatrical performances and return to their classrooms to discuss the experience with their teachers and amongst their peers. To help guide this discussion, NCT provides teachers with curriculum standards and related activities to use in the classroom to help deepen the students’ knowledge and appreciation of each production through critical thinking. Visit www.nashvillect.org for current and upcoming season details!

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

Program Title: In-Class Workshops

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

Following a school’s field trip to a production at Nashville Children’s Theatre, the in-class workshops give students active experience with theatre arts, and are directly tied to the content of NCT’s production. Workshop curriculum addresses TN state standards in Theatre, integrates Common Core standards in English/Language Arts, and also incorporates other curricular areas, such as Social Studies and Science. Students have the opportunity to use collaboration, communication and critical thinking to further their understanding of their time at the theatre. These workshops provide both students and their teachers with an arts-integrated experience. While watching and participating alongside their students, teachers, who may not have specific training in arts-integration or arts education, gain the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate drama techniques used in the workshop in future lessons. The result is a well-rounded theatrical experience for all participants: experiencing theatre as an audience member, experiencing theatre as an artist, and, for teachers, experiencing theatre as a facilitator.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

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