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Matt Sandbank

Contact Name: Matt Sandbank


Austin, TX

Email: Click to email

Phone: (505) 816-8379

Matt Sandbank http://www.sandbankshadowfactory.com

Matt Sandbank is a nationally-touring shadow puppeteer based in Austin, TX. His performances have awakened a sense of wit and wonder at schools, libraries, museums, and festivals for the past ten years.
Each of his programs connects to the Language Arts curriculum.

Check out Matt’s virtual program’s here: http://www.sandbankshadowfactory.com/virtual-programs.html

Contact Matt Sandbank at sandbankshadowfactory@gmail.com


Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: 2021-22 Shadow School

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

This program is available virtually.

Shadow School is a cross-curricular virtual puppetry program designed for elementary-aged audiences. It features an interactive live show that teaches students a variety of literary devices with fun shadow skits. The live show is complemented by a series of 3 engaging, self-paced online workshops that cover the science of shadows, poetry-writing, and shadow puppet-making. Schools interested in purchasing access for their students should contact Matt at sandbankshadowfactory@gmail.com for pricing information.


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Program Title: Sample Program: The Legend of Walter Weirdbeard

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

The Legend of Walter Weirdbeard follows a crew of pirates on their search for buried treasure. After much travail on the high seas, the pirates find their fabled treasure, only to discover that the chest holds no gold, no silver, and no jewels, but instead a pile of musty books! Mutiny erupts on board the ship, and Weirdbeard must think quickly to save his own life. He keeps his crew at bay by reading aloud the books from the treasure chest, leading his pirates into the world of the imagination and revealing to them, one story after the next, how valuable a treasure books can be.

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Program Title: Sample Program: Poets' Cafe

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

This weeklong residency program opens with an assembly-style presentation, exciting students about the expressive possibilities that poetry and puppetry offer. Poet/Puppeteer Matt Sandbank then visits individual classrooms, teaching students a method of poetry writing based on guiding imagery and free-associative word generation. Students will have the opportunity to draft, edit, and eventually illustrate their own poems with shadow puppets. The program concludes with a second assembly, this time with the students’ creative work as the centerpiece, and an open mike/stage available, on which they can showcase their own poetry and puppetry. reflections, observations, and experiences.” Poet’s Café is most appropriate for grades 3 through 5.

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