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Kathleen Lynam

Contact Name: Kathleen Lynam

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Phone: (615) 791-4638

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I have been a puppeteer and teaching artist since 1992.I love creating and sharing my ideas (songs, poems, stories, and puppets) with students and teachers.I provide arts integrated residencies and professional development workshops for teachers. I travel throughout the United States sharing the love of my art form. One of the highlights of my career was a trip to China with the Wolf Trap Institute in 2010. My national affiliations include acceptance on the John F. Kennedy Center’s Professional Development for Teachers National Touring Roster and as a Wolf Trap Institute Master Teaching Artist.

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Arts Curriculum - Puppetry

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

I offer 3 programs (Puppetry & Fairy Tales; Professor Smarty-pants; Creative Storytelling) . To model the puppetry skills, I am a character in the story and the narrator. We will involve many children in the storytelling process, either as characters or participatory audience members. I will ask questions during the story to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will be encouraged to develop character voices for their puppets and to speak with expression and emotion.


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Program Title: Arts Integration - Puppetry

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

Integrating the Art of Puppetry into the writing process; developing character and creating supporting details using a great work of art, famous people in history, and personal biography as a story starter.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

Program Title: Arts Appreciation - Puppetry

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Children are introduced to various types of puppets (sock, finger, hand, rod, and shadow), how to bring them to life through movement, voice, and improvised dialogue.

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