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Jessica Brookes

Contact Name: Jessica Brookes

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Phone: (607) 972-3437

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Jessica Brookes is a musical theatre artist and educator from upstate New York, currently residing in Memphis Tennessee. Jessica has worked as both a non-union actor, stage manager, and educator in both the charter and public school systems. She completed her training at Marywood University, earning two Bachelor’s degrees in Musical Theatre Performance and Theatre Education. She is a also an alumnus of the Spring at Tisch program at New York University, where she studies acting for stage and screen intensively in the Open Arts Studio. Jessica enjoys teaching students of all ages, level, and abilities. She specializes in workshops that teach Commedia Dell’arte, basic acting and directing, theatre as a business, song interpretation, and script analysis.

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Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Introduction to Commedia Dell'Arte

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

Students will study the basics of the classic Italian theatre art form known as Commedia Dell’Arte in order to build their skills as a creative actor. Students will learn the fundamentals of improvisation, how to create a character using physicality, and elements of comedy. Students will also gain knowledge of the archetype characters in Commedia and how they are seen in today’s storytelling. Students will use all they have learned in a culminating performance of a classic Commedia scenario for their fellow students and invited guests.

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Program Title: Analyzing and Creating Characters in Acting

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

Students will receive instruction on elements of a story, such as plot, character, problem, solution, mood and theme. Students will then focus on characters, analyzing their traits and motivations. After practicing characterization with a well known fairytale, students will then create original monologues from the point of view of their characters, learning about acting objectives, acting choices, and actor physicality, in order to perform their monologues in front of an invited audience. This program is designed to strengthen literary analysis skills, while teaching students acting fundamentals.

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Program Title: Musical Theatre Song Interpretation

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

Students will learn the importance of analyzing the lyrics of a song, in order to identify acting and musicality choices within the song, that can strengthen their performance of a piece. Students will begin by looking sat the words of a song to determine contrasting elements, beat shifts, and the meaning of each section of the song. Students will then make personal connections through their song, using a free write exercise. Lastly, students will work with their song in front of the group to receive peer feedback and make adjustments to heighten their performance to a new level. Students may perform in a cabaret style performance to showcase their learning.

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