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Jamie Cutler

Contact Name: Jamie Cutler

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Phone: 615-823-0095

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Jamie Cutler brings a wealth of experience to Nashville, Tennessee with her songs and storytelling.  She received a doctorate from the University of Devonshire where she then continued her studies at the University of London in conjunction with the New York University.

Jamie has worked with many notable people in her career including the following  directors Lee Strasberg and Harold Clurman  at the Actor’s Studio in NYC. In her own right as a Indie artist she has garnered over 28 Grammy nominations and 21 number one singles. She was cast in Catch A Rising Star, Bottom Line, the Main Point and the Bitter End. And performed at the famous Improv Club and Jilly’s Jazz Joint.

Jamie has served as a Professor of drama at the University of Miami, the Ruth Forma School of Drama, Florida International University, and Edison College.

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: One with Everything

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

“One with Everything” is targeted for younger audience for children from prek-5th grade including songs such a Pepperoni Pizza, Who Moved My Cheese, Someone’s Grandma ,Be Yourself, Nichiren Daishonin and the Halloween Song are just a few of the children’s songs that I wrote.  These uplifting songs all include messages of be yourself, inclusion, and diversity.

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Program Title: Uncommon Friends

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

A play called “Uncommon Friends” is especially targeted for students and teachers who are interested in science and creating new inventions. Edison, Ford, Firestone, Lattimer, Burroughs, and Mina Edison were some of the forerunners and the inventors collectively and singularly they all impacted the way we live today. Edison brought us not only electric lights, the movies, the phonograph, the electric iron, the coffee maker, the improved telephone wires, the electric fan, the ceiling fan, the toaster, and Christmas lights. Lewis Lattimer was the first black inventor. I want to inspire young people to look inside and become the best person they can and realize the world is their oyster.

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Program Title: Angels Without Wings

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

First Women Aviators. I have written a play about the Women’s Air Service Pilots during World War II. My Mom Lois Cutler was one of these brave women pilots. A play that was well received by young and old alike at the University of Tennessee. I will portray the character of my Mom Lois Cutler who was one of these brave women pilots. The women struggled not only to fly, but to learn how to tell the weather. They all had to have meteorology license and pilots as well before entering the program. They were the best of the best, the bravest of the brave. There were women pilots delivering the planes, supplies and training the men. A Nashville native Cornelia Fort was one of these women who died delivering a plane, and now a local airpark park is named after her. It’s a very exciting story and I look forward to sharing it with students who want to be inspired to be the best person they can. Angels Without Wings! Is best for high schoolers looking for inspiration in their lives.

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