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Geri Forkner

Contact Name: Geri Forkner

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Phone: (423) 261-5168

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Geri Forkner’s mixed media fiber art is defined by life long passions to make one of everything and to save materials from the global scrapheap. As a child, she learned the “usual” fiber processes from her grandmother then settled on being the only female in engineering class at UT when her father insisted “Craft” was not a good enough career. Later she studied weaving at Georgia State University, craft schools, and guild conferences. Now with the addition of wearable technology, she combines her diverse background by making beautiful insightful pieces using skills she polished along the way. She is a longtime teacher to both children and adults and exhibits her award winning work internationally. Her creativity is contagious and her students are always inspired to think outside the box.

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Fiber Art Residency

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

Learning the processes used to make clothing allows students to understand that clothes come from people not just the store. Looms ranging from piles of sticks to modern computer assisted machines are all used today. Spinning wheels, fiber animals and plants also contribute to multiple curriculum tie-ins to social studies, history, math, science, and art. Students will learn processes used in making clothing by carding natural fibers, spinning, dying, and weaving individual pieces. They will write a color story about their weaving. We will also create a site-specific loom woven group project utilizing items students bring in from home.

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Program Title: Electrical Craft for the Classroom

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

This STEAM class will introduce students to the new world of electronic textiles. In this hands-on class, students will stitch an LED into a textile using conductive thread. They will be introduced to what’s possible in this rapidly expanding industry and learn a basic electric circuit all without needing an engineering degree or soldering skills. For middle and high school, we will discuss what is possible with simple computers like arduino, lily pad, and raspberry pi and see working examples. Age appropriate projects for elementary students include sculpture and paper crafts.

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Program Title: Fun With Fibers

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

Felting is an ancient craft traditionally used for clothing, housing, and rugs. In this class we will start with sheep’s wool, hot water, and soap and turn them – almost by magic – into cloth. We will talk about the history of felt making and see how it is used around the world. Older students will calculate the percent shrinkage required to fit a cell phone case. Younger students will make decorative pockets, marbles, and beads. We will make both flat and 3D pieces of many colors and textures.

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