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Farmer Jason (Jason Ringenberg)

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Farmer Jason is the brainchild of rock music legend Jason Ringenberg of Jason and the Scorchers. An Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Ringenberg is one of the pioneers of the modern Americana and alt-country genres. In 2002 he created Farmer Jason to educate and entertain children about farm life and the wonders of nature. The character is based on his own farming background and love of the great outdoors. As Farmer Jason he has released 4 records and a DVD. He has starred in the “It’s a Farmer Jason” video interstitial program which airs on several PBS stations around the United States, earning 4 Emmy nominations and one Emmy win. Farmer Jason’s records have won numerous awards, including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award and the Los Angeles Times’ Children’s Record of the Year list.

Farmer Jason has performed several thousand concerts in venues ranging from rural fairs on the Alaskan tundra to posh European performance halls to public schools and libraries across the country. The highly acclaimed live show involves sing-alongs, dancing, and discussions about nature appreciation, ecology, and farm animals. Farmer Jason performs solo with just his acoustic guitar (no backing track gimmickry), which adds to the spontaneous, high energy nature of his concerts. Although aimed at children ages 2 to 8, everyone is invited to get involved, and they do! Farmer Jason draws his musical influences from folk, country, and rock ‘n’ roll with a dash of DIY punk rock. Grab a pitchfork, or your guitar, and climb aboard the tractor!

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Program Title: Nature Jams

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

NATURE JAMS! school show takes children on a musical journey through the forests and wetlands of our diverse American natural heritage. Through rockin’ songs such as “Ode to a Toad”, “Forest Rhymes”, “Take a Hike”, and “Bayou Boogie” the kids will be inspired to experience the wonders of the great outdoors. Each song is introduced with facts about the animal or ecosystem. The study guide gives teacher follow-up questions, discussion, activities and resources to reinforce the information taught through the music and the live performance. (Grades 3-6 but the show can be adapted to K-6 if needed.)

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Program Title: Farm and Forest

Program Type:

Program Description:

FARM AND FOREST is Farmer Jason’s K-2 school show. This show features Farmer Jason singing songs about farm life and animals from our lovely American farms and forests. The show is highly interactive. Students will learn about the animals and plants in the forest and farm and the effects of our actions on the environment around us all in an atmosphere encouraging a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about nature. . Farmer Jason introduces each song with a short fun lesson about the song’s subject. With catchy internationally acclaimed songs like “The Tractor Goes Chug Chug Chug”, “Punk Rock Skunk”, and “Guitar Pickin’ Chicken” the kids will have fun while receiving some important education! Farmer Jason songs are rich in new language and concepts for all levels. From rhyming words and opposites to new words and concepts, teachers have numerous opportunities to explore language through Farmer Jason music.

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