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Children in Harmony

Contact Name: Damien White


4879 8th Road
Memphis, Tennessee 38109
United States
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Phone: (901) 334-7706

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Children in Harmony www.childreninharmony.org

Children in Harmony has been touring schools for 15+ years. The director Damien White has a B.A. in Vocal Music and began singing in church at about 12 years old. A Musical Journey is a stage show for children, performing different genres of American music for students during the school day. A+ is our educational mascot that tours with the band and singers. A+ has launched a new artistic work for schools, teachers, and children entitled Dance Around the Clock. It is a residency program that works with P.E. teachers to integrate music into P.E. classes. This art form focuses on Social Emotional Learning. A+ Dance Around the Clock is our new mindfulness piece that allows students to Dance during music and/or P.E. class! Teachers may enjoy up to three days of residency for Middle and High Schools! A+ is coming to a school near you!

Contact Damien White at info@childreninharmony.org

Sample Programs Offered

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Program Type: Arts Integration, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

  • Field Trips
  • touring Performances
  • One-time Workshops

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Program Title: A Musical Journey

Program Type: Arts Curriculum, Arts Integration

Program Description:

A Musical Journey is a show that educates audiences on different genres of American music. We will set a narrative to a musical based theme that journeys through spirituals, blues, jazz, country, R&B, and hip hop. The script celebrates the heritage of music while allowing performers to sing, dance, and interact during different parts of the showcase.
The performance group is afforded the opportunity to learn different styles of music. Performers will be able to explore their own appreciation for music through this showcase. They will be asked to analyze how all genres of music connect.

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Program Title: Children in Harmony Arts After-School

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

Children in Harmony will provide an after-school workshop in music and dance for inner-city children.

The goal of this program is to keep performing arts after-school for students.  This workshop will be a 3-day experience for students that will focus on different genres of American music.  There will be a fall and spring workshop available for schools and students to participate in.

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Program Title: Children in Harmony Promotes Literacy through Storytelling

Program Type:

Program Description:

Book: “I Can Be Anything”

A+ presents a literacy workshop for students with the goal of motivating children to read daily.  A+ will present a workshop for students that promotes reading out loud!  A+ our educational mascot goes to a Career Day at school.  The Career Day purpose is to inspire students to read and begin to see themselves on a career path after graduation.  A+ promotes literacy and also shows the power of when you read and think about the future.  A+ published work “I Can Be Anything” will share information about companies, futures jobs, education, and the skills that are required for success as they begin to dream into the future.  This book will conclude with a song entitled “I Can Be Anything.”

Kindergarten – 5th-grade schools

6th – 8th-grade schools

Literacy, Poetry, Drama, and Music

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