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Contact Name: Josh Batenhorst


565 Long Shoals Road
Suite 204
Arden, North Carolina 28704
United States
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Phone: (336) 558-7360

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Bright Star Touring Theatre http://www.BrightStarTheatre.com

Bright Star Touring Theatre is a theatre company based in Asheville, NC. Its mission is to challenge, educate, and delight audiences all over the world. They have performed for schools and communities large and small from Seattle, WA to Moscow, Russia. From 1400 seat theatres overlooking Manhattan’s skyline, to school cafeterias and libraries, no audience is too large or small for Bright Star. With over 70 different shows there is a perfect fit for any season. Categories of shows include Holidays, Classic Literature, Health and Wellness, STEM, History (with a special emphasis on Black History), and Bully Prevention and Social-Emotional Learning.

Contact Bright Star Touring Theatre at Booking@brightstartheatre.com


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Program Type: Arts Curriculum, Arts Integration, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

  • Field Trips
  • Touring Performances
  • In-school Residencies
  • One-time Workshops
  • Residencies for Community Organizations
  • Professional Development

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Program Title: Captain Friendship and the Pirates of the Pandemic

Program Type: Arts Integration, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

“Captain Friendship” is back with her first-rate first mate the “Amazing Amigo” on a new adventure. They’ve battled the “Bully Bandit” before, but when the Covid-19 Pandemic hits, this dynamic duo comes under attack from new foes – “The Pirates of the Pandemic.” These problematic pirates try to use Isolation, Boredom, Anxiety and Stress to zap our heroes’ strength. Watch as Captain Friendship and the Amazing Amigo overcome these dreaded pirates and help your students deal with their own feelings and emotions during these unprecedented times.

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Program Title: Little Red and the Big Bully Wolf

Program Type: Arts Integration, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

The woods are scary enough without having to worry about a big bully howling in the shadows! Follow Little Red and meet her friends – the three little pigs, the boy who cried wolf, and more – as they learn to face their fears and stand up to the Big Bully Wolf! Learn to identify, report and resist bullying as we follow Little Red on her journey to grandma’s house.

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Program Title: USA to Z

Program Type: Arts Integration, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Just in time for election season! Join Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam as they take audiences on a journey through America. Students will learn how the political process works, the differences between the various branches of government and what it means to live and vote in a democracy. At various points during the show, your audience will take part in a live-action game show component featuring patriotic prizes while our hosts entertain them with their hilarious antics. From the Constitution to the Declaration of Independence to the electoral college, this show will leave no political stone unturned. This special show is designed to encourage citizenship by teaching audiences how they can contribute to their own communities.

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