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Amanda Cantrell Roche

Contact Name: Amanda Roche

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Phone: (615) 300-8580

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Amanda Cantrell Roche www.amandacroche.com

Amanda is a lead teaching artist for TPAC with 20 years’ experience facilitating arts residencies for youth and professional development for educators. Trained in contemporary dance, restorative arts, and journalism, she works with students, teachers, and youth in the juvenile justice system to give agency and facilitate authentic creation of works of art in dance, visual art, writing, or multi-media. She choreographs for Blue Moves Modern Dance Company, a collective she co-founded in 1989, and writes for NashvilleSkyline.org. Amanda’s alchemy is most powerful when she combines a trilogy of her deepest passions: choreography, writing, and social justice.

Email: amanda.c.roche@gmail.com

Sample Programs Offered

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Program Type: Arts Integration, Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

  • In-school Residencies
  • One-time Workshops
  • After-School Residencies
  • Residencies for Community Organizations
  • Professional Development

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Program Title: Arts-Infused Social Emotional Learning

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

This residency utilizes writing, movement, visual art, and storytelling to reflect on and articulate personal identity and community, as well as build empathy among students through the Narrative4 Story Exchange process. Individual self-reflection through writing and community building through movement helps students actively and creatively engage with the SEL curriculum. Deep reflection on identity through inter and intrapersonal dialogue and story-telling practices develops self-awareness and self-to-other awareness. Risk-taking and deep listening in activities reinforces empathy and healthy boundaries.
This residency can be adapted and catered to your classroom needs. Adaptable to Virtual as well.

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Program Title: "I am, We Are" Community-Building Residency

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

Through writing, reflection, experiencing counterbalance in pairs and in groups, and creating short dances together, students will explore individual and communal identity. Through risk-taking and shared responsibility in small groups, students will build community and experience how if feels to support, and to be supported. Writing of “I am …” poems help students hone on personal attributes, and “We are …” statements help students define their community and take ownership of it. This residency requires at least four, one-hour teaching artist visits per classroom and is best suited for grade levels 3-6. Connects with dance, ELA, and social and personal competencies. Custom-designed for each school culture.

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Program Title: Resiliency and Story Exchange for Teachers

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Addresses challenges of being an educator, how challenges fuel growth and innovation, and the power of personal stories. Through the Narrative4 Story Exchange process, participants take turns sharing a true story with a partner and listening deeply to their partner’s story. In small groups, participants tell their partner’s story in first person. This simple process can be notably moving and is part of an international program to build empathy and community.

A limited number of participants per session (12). Multiple sessions can be conducted if a whole-school faculty and staff experience is desired. Two parts, three hours total. Available virtually.

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