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3092 Village Shops Drive
Germantown, Tennessee 38138
United States
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Tennessee Shakespeare Company is a professional, 501(c)(3) theatre and education organization which performs the plays of William Shakespeare seasonally outdoors and indoors with partnering organizations; performs classical and Southern writers seasonally indoors and outdoors; provides innovative year-round educational and training programming; and will produce a Southern-centric new play festival: Southern Exposure.

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Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Arts Appreciation Theatre

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Shakespeare wrote for the stage with the spoken word galloping in his head, his characters living, breathing, and moving in his imagination. Teaching students that these are plays, intended to be played by players and heard by an audience, will catapult their Shakespeare experience off the page and inspire a different type of learning. It will lead them to explore Shakespeare from the player’s point of view, experiencing the plays from the inside out.

During this playshop, students will:
• Work collaboratively in pairs and groups;
• Actively engage their minds, bodies, and hearts in a fully integrated learning experience;
• Discover commonalities between Shakespeare’s audience and themselves;
• Hear and speak classical text from multiple Shakespeare plays;
• Develop an active understanding of basic actor vocabulary (objective, obstacle, tactic, given circumstance);
• Gain a visceral understanding of iambic pentameter, how its rhythm relates to the human body, and how Shakespeare used its structure to create emphasis, clarify meaning, and convey powerful emotions.

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Program Title: Arts Curriculum Theatre

Program Type: Arts Curriculum

Program Description:

During this 5-day residency, students actively experience the story and circumstances of Romeo and Juliet. TSC teaching artists move Shakespeare’s story and language off the page and into the hearts, bodies, voices, and imaginations of your students. Students transform from quietly reading the play at their desks to actively speaking and physically embodying the story.

Over the course of these five sessions, TSC brings you a playful and enlightening curriculum of progression that encourages students to learn on their feet. Your students will build a theatrical foundation of physical, vocal, textual, and player vocabulary, transforming them into an artistic community that appreciates and enjoys the exploration of classical literature.

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Program Title: Student Ticket Subsidy Theatre

Program Type: Arts Appreciation

Program Description:

Shakespeare was a playwright, who wrote plays, to be played by players in a playhouse. Play is the operative word. Students will experience classical literature as Shakespeare intended it: played live for them by professional actors. Students also engage with the actors during post-show discussion, gaining a greater understanding of classical theatre and the professional world of acting

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