The mission of Arts360 is to bring teachers full circle, as learners, collaborators, facilitators, and reflectors, in order to improve instruction and impact student achievement by making arts-based and arts integrated learning a critical component of every child’s educational experience. In 2010, the Tennessee Arts Commission was awarded a second 4-year Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination Grant by the U.S. Department of Education in the amount of $1,062,000 to develop the Arts360 program, making it the only state arts agency to be awarded this grant twice.

Arts360 is a district model currently being piloted by 4 Knox County public schools:

  • Gap Creek Elementary
  • Green Magnet STEAM Academy
  • Mount Olive Elementary
  • New Hopewell Elementary

Mooreland Heights Elementary School, a Value Plus school, is the mentor site for Arts360 schools.

Goal 1
Improve the academic performance of elementary students

Goal 2
Improve standards-based arts education for all participants

Goal 3
Integrate standards-based arts education into the elementary school curriculum

Goal 4
Nurture collaboration within schools and across the district