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Debra Tayloe

Contact Name: Debra Tayloe

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Phone: (731) 668-8276

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Debra Tayloe is a professional studio artist, poet and arts educator. She is an experienced
teaching artist using a multi-disciplinary approach in residencies as she integrates her
knowledge of language and writing with the Visual Arts background that she received at
Lambuth University. Her visual art pieces are in private collections both regionally in
Tennessee as well as throughout the United States. Her poetry was most recently selected
for publication by the LUMMOX Press Annual Poetry Edition in 2013 and 2014.

As a teaching artist Debra has conducted many arts education residencies under grants
from the Tennessee Arts Commission, Department of Education and residencies for the
disabled as a teaching artist for Borderless Arts Tennessee (formerly VSA TN).
Residency teaching scenarios have included a wide variety of settings/audiences such as:
Overton High School, Memphis-Shelby County Schools, TN; Ripley Elementary,
Lauderdale County, TN; Tiptonville Public Library, Lake County, TN; Jackson Madison
County Library, Madison County, TN; Bells Elementary, Crockett County, TN;
Huntington Elementary, Carroll County, TN and others.

Debra is the Creator and Director of the Community Art Program at Union University in
Jackson, Tennessee serving in that position since 1996. She has been an honored
recipient of the “Outstanding Teacher in the Visual Arts” award from the Tennessee
Governor’s School for the Arts in 2005 and again in 2009. In 2013 and 2014 she served
as an invited Citizen Advisory Panelist to review Tennessee Arts Commission FAY
applications. In the Fall of 2014 she worked as an invited presenter for the TAEA

Sample Programs Offered

Program Title: Poetic Voice and Image

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

Students will learn to identify the elements of art and principles of design as innate to natural forms found in nature as well as practical in their use in the creation of form in both visual art and poetic/prose composition. 
This project features the environmental and land art created by visual artist Andy Goldsworthy and the poetry of Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Mary Oliver.
A presentation of conceptual approaches in art making, non-objectivity, and abstraction as well as associational list making and “free-writing” will be introduced.

Lesson Plan Example: Download File

Program Title: "Everything We Need Is Here"

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

“Identify the elements of art and principles of design” as innate to natural forms as well
as practical in their use in the creation of form in both visual art and poetic/prose
composition. Following the initial stages of examination of subject matter through visual
and written investigation students will then “Integrate ideas, issues and themes by
creating a visual art piece as well as written expression of said investigation”. Students in
2-D and 3-D classes will complete one or more finished works which demonstrate a
connection of Common Core language skills through art and poetry.

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Program Title: "Getting To Know You"

Program Type: Arts Integration

Program Description:

“Getting to Know You” – Intergenerational Shared Journal Project
In this program intergenerational understanding will be strengthened through the creation of a shared journal in which art elements strengthen and define written expression visually. Each student will choose a journal partner, someone who would be considered a senior citizen (neighbor, grandparent, family friend). The student and journal partner will meet together face to face (if possible), sharing and listening to positive memories, ideas and dreams. Each will take time alone to reflect on the others’ history, life experience and viewpoints. They will each make handwritten pages recording in journal style some of the stories, reflections, and observations they have shared. If they wish, they may make a brief audio or video of conversations. To make the journal they will work collaboratively using the properties of the art elements of color, line, shape and texture as meaning, embellish handwritten pages using the same elements and assemble chosen pages into journal form. This program builds awareness and understanding through arts based communication by integrating the use of language arts and visual art to strengthen communication, understanding, caring and sharing.

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