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TAR Recommendation Form

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Please rate the applicant's Mastery of Artistic Discipline: The applicant introduces the vocabulary, concepts, skills and techniques related to their artistic discipline.(Required)
Please rate the Applicant's ability to guide others in learning, practicing, and executing their artistic discipline: The applicant leads students through the various processes of their artform, including but not limited to creativity, design, form, revision, presentation/performance, analysis, critique and response.(Required)
Please Rate Applicant's ability to make clear connections to Tennessee State Curriculum Standards and the National Core Arts Standards: The applicant incorporates TN and National curriculum standards related to the appropriate grade and subject area content.(Required)
Please Rate Applicant's Arts Integration Skills: The applicant makes connections between the arts and other content areas. They also facilitate a conducive environment for understanding through arts learning.(Required)
Please Rate Applicant's 5. Communication Skills: The applicant presents concepts clearly to learners. The applicant demonstrates how the arts can be used to express complex ideas, concepts, and feelings.(Required)
Please Rate Applicant's Planning and Organization: The applicant incorporates the participants’ needs into their lessons. They also provide required information during all stages of a workshop project i.e; curriculum guides, lesson plans, materials.(Required)
Please Rate Applicant's Imagination and Resourcefulness: The applicant is engaging and is able to respond to learners’ needs with a wide range of assistance. The applicant can respond in the moment to challenging situations.(Required)
Please Rate Applicant's Dependability: The applicant is punctual and meets all requirements of their contract.(Required)
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