TAR Application Narrative Prompt

Narrative Questions

This prompt is to prepare the narrative response for the Teaching Artist Application.  Please prepare a response to the following 3 questions and upload your narrative responses as a PDF. 2-page maximum in online application.

  1. Describe your work as an individual teaching artist or the arts education programs/performances your organization offers.

Things you may choose to discuss include:

  • The media/formats in which you most commonly work or present.
  • Your work with students in K-12 schools. Why are you interested in working with schools?
  • Specific strategies you use to engage students in the arts learning process and to fulfill the goals of a lesson/activity?
  • Arts curriculum or arts integration offerings. How do you assess student work and how do you enable students to reflect on their own work or the work of their peers? How do you integrate an arts discipline with a non-arts subject area? Briefly describe the key concepts/skills in this lesson, and how you effectively address both subject areas.
  • How do you select National Core Arts Standards and/or Tennessee Academic Standards for Fine Arts for your lessons, and how do you apply the standards to your teaching? Give one specific example of how an element of your sample program addresses a specific Tennessee Academic Standard for Fine Arts.
  1. Describe how you/your organization continue to hone skills as an artist, a teaching artist, or organization. How do you stay in tune with developing educational trends and best practices?
  2. Describe your planning process with schools and teachers and/or community partners. What are the key steps of the process you use to cooperatively plan the program with the school administrators/classroom teachers or community partners? How do you receive and implement feedback to improve your program activities?