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  • This should be your name and not your show name.
  • This is the person who is responsible for receiving and sending all TAR communications.
  • Enter the individual's or organization's website address using this format: http://www.sampledomainname.com
  • The Commission requires that all Roster artists provide their direct email. This email should NOT be your assistant, agent, or representative. For orgs, this should be the Director of Education/Programs/ or equivalent.
  • This email address is the address all TAR communications will go to. If you are an individual artist who represents themselves, please enter the same email as listed in the previous question.
  • Addresses will only be visible on Roster Profiles for arts groups and arts organizations. Individual artists' addresses will not be visible on the roster. However, the Commission does need access to an individual artist's mailing address.
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  • Enter 1 or more Social Media URLs using this format: http://www.sampledomainname.com. Use the full URL do not provide your handle name. Separate each URL with a comma.
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  • Please indicate the regions you are available to work as a teaching artist. Check all that apply.
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  • These are the experiences that you are currently offering for the 2021-2022 season and want visitors to be able to search for. NOTE: Touring Performances means that individuals and orgs tour to a school or organization to perform.
  • If applicable, please select which Arts Ed program types you offer as defined in the Teaching Artist Roster Guidelines.
  • Arts education training or conferences (online trainings/conferences are accepted) OR classes or workshops that enhanced your practice as a teaching artist.
  • If YES, please tell us what professional development opportunity you participated in (who provided/hosted the event, outcomes, lessons learned, etc). If NO, please let us know what challenges you faced that prevented attending a professional development opportunity.
  • 100 words or less and must be written in third person. The bio content should focus on your experiences as a teaching artist or in arts education/arts presentation. Consider shortened elements of your teaching philosophy or your organization’s mission or vision statements. A link to your website will allow visitors to see the full scope of your history and work. This bio should be a brief introduction to your current work and contain only information that is relevant to the TN Teaching Artist Roster’s mission and purpose.
  • Select 1 file to upload. Files should be titled in this format: ArtistName_ArtisticDiscipline_Profile Picture This is the feature photo for your profile. The Commission recommends a headshot for individuals and a logo for organizations.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • Update Artistic Work Samples

    Upload one photo of your that represents your work or who you are as an artist (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, the maximum size for each file is 10MB). Literary artists can upload one (1) sample of written work or book cover, photo representation of your literary works (.pdf, maximum file size is 10MB)
  • Select 1 file to upload. Files should be titled in this format: ArtistName_ArtisticDiscipline_WorkSampleTitle
    Accepted file types: aiff, wav, jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • If applicable or desired, Performing Artists can paste a link to a video or sound file from a third-party website such as SoundCloud, YouTube or Vimeo. The video should represent your work as an artist or educator. We can not accept media files.